Small Boat Projects
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CLC Sail Rig - Chesapeake Light Craft Kayak Sail Rig MK II

I built this sail rig to go with my boat, Hull B.    I built this project strictly from plans, and raw materials.  I also did things a little differently than CLC lays out.  First, I used a different sail plan, with a jib and a mainsail.  I will also changed the way the crossbars (aka's) will be attached to the hull.  Finally I built the floats (ama's) as hybrids, where the hulls were plywood and the decks were strip built.

Length:  12 feet
Beam:  10 feet
Weight: 40 lbs.

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Pygmy Wineglass Wherry - Hull #1

I built this Wineglass Wherry for a customer in Port Townsend.  The kit sat in the basement for years until I started building it in May of 2006.  A nameplate, bulkheads with hatches, and a brass cleat on the bow are the custom options I added to this beautiful boat.

  14 feet. 
Beam:  4 feet
Weight: 100 lbs.

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PT Skiff - Hull #8

This was my biggest project so far.  It is a PT Skiff by Port Townsend Watercraft.  It is a lightweight motor boat that has the unique capability to have water ballast.  This boat is built using stitch and glue construction.  

Length:  18 feet 5 inches
Beam:  6 feet 2 inches
Displacement: 1379 lbs.
Engine: 25 HP max

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Chesapeake Light Craft Cocktail Class Racer - Hull #9

I finished this fun little boat for a client that started building it but ran out of time.  

Length: 8 ft.
Beam: 48 inches
Engine: 8 HP max

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Hull #22 - Pygmy Wineglass Wherry

I took over the build of this boat from the owner. I installed the seats, added extra bulkheads, painted and varnished, and added the sailing conversion.

Length: 14 feet
Beam:  48 inches
Weight: 150 lbs.

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